About us


I own a construction firm and I am a Civil-Structural Analyst/ Field Supervisor for my company. I'm also a private business consultant and also supplier of equipment and Copper cable wires. I'm a Civil Engineer by profession, into building and labor constructions and industrial timber wood supply. I am self employed and I handle my business in contracts CEO.

Construction process

this is a photo of me and my team at construction processing site, i am personally supervising. Maintenance of high voltage cables is the one of the most dangerous work in the world.

Our mission

As contractor firm, and a civil-Structural Analyst/ Field Supervisor we promise to take care of your project from start to finish, deliver it on time, specified budget and quality.

Emce Corporate. is headquartered in 56132 Germany. Our organization places a premium on honesty, conscientiousness, and pragmatism. Emce Corporate.

Daniel Ching Sung, CEO

It's a team effort

Daniel Ching Sung

Company founder

CEO, and founder of Emce corporate. Wer'e here for you to serve and offer you the best. contact us today.

Paul Chang Wong

Purchasing Manager

A Purchasing Manager is an employee within a company, business or other organization who is responsible at some level for buying or approving the acquisition of goods and services needed by the company.


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